The world around us: developing children’s cognitive interest in geography and biology, physics and chemistry, history and social studies
Rash around a child's mouth. Causes 2-3, 5-6 years, how to treat, what Komarovsky advises
The child has small pimples near the nose
The appearance of acne on the nose most often occurs at the most unfortunate moment, simultaneously worsening and
blisters appeared on the leg
Small blister on a child's skin
What is a blister? In principle, such an injury is not fatal, but it is unpleasant and
causes of hair growth from ears
Do your ears become overgrown if you don't wear earrings?
The parotid fistula is localized in the area of ​​the auricle, representing a canal lined with epithelium. Such a disease
How to put drops on a child’s nose if there are no drops at home. How to decompress your nose without drips when you have a runny nose?
Newborn baby does not breathe on his own
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Baby's gender based on heartbeat at 12 weeks
How does the fetal heart rate change normally and with deviations?
When a representative of the fairer sex receives a positive pregnancy test, she experiences a number of
circles under the eyes in children
Dark circles under the eyes of a child: causes and treatment
Causes of dark circles under the eyes of a child Why can such an incomprehensible appear?
child scratched mosquito bites
Is a midge bite dangerous for a child?
Redness, swelling, and swelling of the skin appears from the injected poison immediately after an insect attack. Gradually symptoms
doctor touching child's forehead
The child is choking on snot, what should I do?
Causes of coughing in a child's sleep, how to provide first aid during an attack Unexpected
Back exercises after childbirth
Pregnancy and childbirth were successful. It would seem that the most difficult period is behind us. However, the restoration of female