Discharge at 12 weeks of pregnancy. Brown discharge at 12 weeks of pregnancy
Consequences of gynecological manipulations While waiting for the birth of a child, all women undergo medical examination several times
suprastin tablets
Suprastin contraindications during pregnancy
According to statistics, allergies are one of the most common troubles of modern people. This is influenced by the environment,
21 weeks pregnant
21 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development and what happens to the mother
So, the “equator” of pregnancy has already been passed, the fifth obstetric month is ending. The 21st week of pregnancy is coming -
Early embryonic death
Low hCG in early pregnancy
What kind of hormone is it? As soon as conception occurs, the mother’s body begins to actively adapt to pregnancy
Can Linex be used during pregnancy?
Linex: instructions for pregnancy Indications for taking Linex during pregnancy Prevention or treatment of diarrhea
Why is Hofitol prescribed during pregnancy?
While expecting a baby, any expectant mother tries to avoid taking medications, but there are
late birth after 40
Myths and reality about late pregnancy
What are the benefits? Sometimes the benefits of having a child later in life can outweigh the benefits of having a baby
22 obstetric week of pregnancy photo of the fetus
Pregnancy 6 months
The fifth month of pregnancy still refers to the “golden mean”, which means that it does not bring
Pregnant woman injection
Pregnancy and Rh conflict. What do they forget to say?
Pregnancy is one of the happiest periods in a woman’s life, but not every
Does the stomach hurt when washing the fetus?
05/24/2018 Category: Diseases and complications Author: Liya.kletnaya The birth of a new life is not always a planned event for a woman.
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